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Medicare Costs For The Top 100 Diagnoses Of 2011

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has released a report detailing the hospital charges and Medicare payments for the top 100 medical treatments that Medicare paid for in 2011.
Michigan Health has extracted the data for Michigan hospitals and made it easy to find charges/payments by diagnosis, hospital or region.
There are 3 ways to find a comparison of the charges/payments for the hospitals in a region for a given diagnosis.
  • Click on a diagnosis on the Diagnoses screen, then click on a region.
  • Click on a hospital on the Hospitals screen, then click on a diagnosis.
  • Click on a region on the Regions screen, then click on a diagnosis.

Factors That Can Affect Medicare Payment Amounts

  • Critical Access Hospital (Rural hospital with a maximum of 25 beds)
  • Regional Wages
  • Teaching Hospital